7 Proven ways to increase the profit margin for your business


Companies start businesses with a goal in mind to earn money through profit. Sometimes business runs smoothly and also, they increased the sales, but they didn’t make profits as per their sales products.  

When companies decide to select the price for the products or services, they have to analyze all the costs perfectly, and then after properly analyzing, they can set the price with a profit margin. 

In the market, there are two companies, and both are selling the same products at the same price, and in the month, both companies have a similar sales ratio. But one company gets more profits than other company. 

A company wants to increase their profits then they have to check the supply chain system. The businesses spend their money just supplying the material then their cost is increased rather than the profits. That’s why companies have to manage their supply chain properly and decrease the cost of transferring material

The reason behind successful companies is they set the price of the products with the best profit margin. And the profit margin is the businesses’ revenue; if businesses increase the profits margin, they increment their revenue. 

What is the Profit Margin? 

The profit margin is the number of the companies’ revenues which is greater than the cost. The company’s net income is decided through the profit margin. Net profit is the businesses’ net income, and companies minimize the expenses from the profit and get the net income. 

The businesses calculate the cost of making products(also known as cost of goods sold or COGS) that include wages and raw materials. Profit margin is also expressed as percentages. 

How do companies calculate the profit margin? – Here is the answer!

For Example, 

– A product price is Rs. 100, and the cost of the product(Rs.10) is subtracted from the value. 

Rs.100 – Rs.10 = Rs. 90 

– Gross profit Rs. 90 is divided by the price of products.

90 / 100 = 0.9

– Now, multiply this number by 100.

0.9 * 100 = 90 

Then this total is defined as a 90% profit margin. So throughout the above steps, companies determined the profit margin. 

The different types of profit margin

There are several types of profit margins that are calculated by the companies or businesses with different methods.  

Gross profit margin: 

The gross profit margin is the simplest to calculate. In this gross margin, the company simply minus the cost of the good’s production. Businesses easily calculate the Gross Profit margin. The gross profit may not reflect the other price. 

The formula for Gross Profit is ( Total Revenue – Total Expenses ) / Total Revenue.

Operating profit margin: 

Operating profit margin includes all types of operational costs like administrative costs, sales expenses, etc. This type of cost is minimized from the revenues, and businesses get the operating profit margin. But companies do not include taxes, debts, and other non-profitable costs. 

Here is the formula to calculate the Operating profit margin: 

Operating profit margin = operating income / revenue X 100 

Net profit margin: 

Net profit margin gives the final amount which is earned by the businesses. In the net profit, the company minimized all the expenses from the revenue and included all the incomes. 

Here is a formula through which companies calculate the net profits margin. 

net profit margin = net income/revenue X 100. 

The manufacturing industries have to decrease all their expenses from the revenue to get the amount of the profits. \


7 Proven ways to increase the profit margin 

Now there’s one question being asked by all the industries – “How can we increase our profit margin?” 

StartUp businesses have difficulty in calculating the profit margin. But here are seven ways through which any type of business improves the profit margins. 

1. Reduce operating cost 

Operating costs like employee’s salary, advertising, insurance premium, administrative, and various expenses are needed, but they are non-profitable.

Businesses or organizations have to reduce the operating cost; if operating costs are decreased, then the profit margin increases of the companies. Companies always want to increase their profits, but they have to invest their money for safety. Safety is necessary but with the proper planning through industries investing their money. 

2. Compare the gross profit margin with competitors 

As we discussed, calculating the gross profit is easiest compared to the others. In the competitive market, businesses need to succeed; they have to improve their strategy. When the manufacturing industries or companies set the prices of the products, they set the margin. Still, while selecting profit margins, companies have to research their competitive markets.  

Through this strategy, companies boost their revenues and increase their good amount while deducting the cost compared to the other competitive companies. 

3. Analyzed the reports  

A report is essential for companies to analyze their work or expenses. The businesses generate various reports like sales reports, customers reports, cost reports, stock reports, expense reports, etc. 

Businesses use these reports to build a brilliant strategy. Companies improve their profit margin by comparing their old and new reports and decreasing costs or other expenses. 

4. Brand Value 

Some customers only need the particular brand products because they have trust in the brand’s products.

These types of brands or companies attract consumers with brilliant offers, discounts, and personalized customer services. The companies also select the best packaging, logos, symbols to attract consumers. If a successful brand’s products are sold with a high range, consumers are ready to purchase. 

5. Customer services 

There are various companies which are well-known for providing the best customer services. Only to get the best customer support are the customers ready to pay more than the usual amount. 

The businesses are providing the best customer service; then, buyers are ready to purchase the products. Also, bring new consumers to the companies. So, the best customer service is a way to increase the profit margin. 

6. Average Order Price 

Various companies only deal in bulk orders or provide the best offer to the consumers while purchasing the bulk material in the market. The Average Order Value is a key performance indicator of sales. While increasing the order values, the businesses increase their revenues. 

7. Maximize the Profit Margin 

With the changing market, the companies increased the price of the products, but with the increased cost, the companies raised the profit. 

The companies increased the price and decreased the cost; then, businesses increased their profit margin. So, companies have to maintain their cost to maintain their revenue correctly. 

So, the above seven ways help the companies or manufacturers to maximize or maintain their profit margin in the competitive markets. 


The businesses or industries, if they maintain their finances, then quickly increase their profits. For retaining the finance account, the industries use accounting software. With the help of accounting software, companies maintain the cost and other expenses, and this type of software auto-generates the reports. So, using accounting software, companies can save time and get quick results to maximize profits. 

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