Businesses can boost earnings while maintaining customer relationships. For businesses to maintain their customer relationships, warranty planning is fundamental. You may easily control your warranty costs by calculating them from your overall sales revenues using warranty management software.

Gross Account Warranty Management Software makes managing claims easier by streamlining operations from beginning to end in an organized system. That ensures a consistent and effective workflow, allowing claims to be completed faster, reducing cost, and nothing to fall on hard times.

Product manufacturers, distributors, dealers, retailers, builders, property management departments, field service personnel, warranty administrators, and service departments can all benefit from a warranty management software.

You can put your customer at the center of the claims management process when using a Gross Account‘s Warranty Management Software to fulfill your objective and meet your customers’ needs. You can also keep track of claims, returns, and repairs, among other things.

While implementing a Warranty Management Software you get the benefits like,

Warranty Management Software
  • Manage automatically pre-validate coverage & recalls.

  • Resolve claims with global, regional & local procedures.

  • Auto-generate reports.

  • Improve return materials’ quality.

  • Analyze trends to detect quality.

  • Get a full audit record of all transactions and processes.

Key Features:

  • Claim Management

  • Register all products data

  • Track Status & Activity of return or repairing products

  • Scheduling & Dispatching products record

  • Proactive Alerts

  • Automated workflow notification

  • Auto-generate Reports