In today’s era business requires an effective and efficient GST accounting software to handle all the needs of the business.  Gross Account is a GST billing software specially developed to create GST invoices and generate GSTR reports quickly and accurately. GST registered business needs to provide GST complaint invoices to their customers for the selling of products and services. Easily and efficiently generate and share GST invoices and bills with your customers. GST software helps business owners to minimize billing mistakes.

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GST Compliant Invoices-ico
GST Compliant Invoices

GST registered organizations need to provide GST complaint invoices to their clients for sale of goods and/or services. Generate 100% compliant GST invoices, export invoices, quotes and delivery notes with Gross Accounting Software. Generate GST compliant and beautiful invoices with your own logo.

GST Auto Calculation-ico
GST Auto Calculation

GST is applicable to all items traded by suppliers registered under it. Predefine your tax rates that you need to add your items in your invoice and select the appropriate tax rate. Gross Accounts will do all the calculation breakdown into SGST and CGST or IGST.

Generate Intelligent Reports-ico
Generate Intelligent Reports

Generate GST reports automatically. Gross Accounts helps you GST reporting easier for both sellers and buyers. Generate reports like GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B. Generate GST reports faster and simpler ans save your time.

GST Filling
GST Filling

GST laws require timely filing of GST returns monthly, quarterly and annually. The software automatically updates the generated GST reports in the GST filling portal. Gross Accounts makes monthly GST return filing effortless and easy.

Purchase Management
Purchase Management​

Sales and purchase go hand in hand. Purchase management enables business to manage the complete procurement function within the store. With Gross GST Accounting Software you can manage sales and purchase under single canopy.

Sales Management
Sales Management

The fundamental component in any GST accounting software is sales management. Gross Accounts helps you to manage sales and taxes all in one environment by generating a report on sales item - wise for all invoices made for your tracked inventory, including data such as name, quantity and price of sold items. Automatically update stock and also track available quantity of items in your stock.

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Safe and secure
Safe and secure
Backup Data Restore facility-ico
Backup/Data Restore facility
Simple yet attractive user-interface
Simple yet attractive user-interface
Best suited for distributors, retailers and manufacturers-ico
Best suited for distributors, retailers and manufacturers