It’s hard for the manufacturing company to manage all the products with a different serial or batch number. 

For example, You are manufacturing mobile phones. To manufacture one mobile, you need to collect all the different mobile parts like battery, RAM, ROM, battery charger, visual display, Microphones, ear speaker, and many more. 

All products are the same for one company like Samsung, Vivo, Redmi, etc. These all mobile parts have different serial numbers for the particular product. So, when it comes to managing all these products manually, it will become too complicated as it’s hard to remember all the serial numbers & batch numbers of the products. 

Don’t worry! Use our inventory management system to manage all the different serial & batch number products. You only need to add product serial numbers or batch numbers in our inventory management system; then, our system will automatically show all the data. 

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Batch & Serial Number wise Stock Management