Gross Account has been introduced, one of the best Quotation Software through which you can Track the quotation status and convert the same quotation into an invoice or proforma invoice.

You need software that brings you the best business experience. A perfect quotation brings several opportunities to convert the quotation into invoices.

Benefits of Quotation Software

  • Create attractive quotations:

You can create attractive quotations which are easy to understand and easily gain the trust of the consumers.

  • Error-Free:

Error-Free quotations build the trust of the consumers and help to improve the customer service to gain their interest to purchase the products.

  • Customized Format:

Sometimes you have to customize your previous quotation and customize quotation again and again which makes it difficult. But no need to worry we have introduced, one of the best Quotation Software through which you can easily customize your quotation several times.

Quotation Software
  • Save Time:

Making an attractive and trustworthy quotation is important. Through the Quotation Software, you can easily track your quotation and while your quotation is approved. Also, you can easily convert the quotation into an invoice.

  • Keep Information:

You can send several quotations to the various consumers or dealers, but you didn’t memorize all the consumers, right? No need to worry, Our Quotation Software gives the facility to store the number of quotations.

Features of Our Quotation Software

  • Keep the Records – with the help of the quotation software you can watch on the market.

  • Easy to Use – Our Quotation Software is developed with user-friendly features. So, you can easily use this software and make the trust-winning Quotation.

  • Auto Generates Reports – There is no need to use the other software to generate the reports. You can easily generate the reports with the help of Quotation Software.

  • Set the signatures – Signature gives professional looks and identifies your business. In the Quotation Software, you can set your e-signatures.

  • Set the terms and conditions – Terms and conditions are important for every company. Once you set the terms and conditions in the software then you can use it several times.

  • Monitoring – Quotation Software helps you to stay updated about the quotation positions like “Approved”, “On Hold”, “In Progress”, or “Rejected”.

  • Support Multi-users – The quotation software through you can set the more than two users for making the quotation.

Now Your turn to create attractive quotations and never miss the business opportunity.

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