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Gross Account is very easy to use GST billing and accounting software specially designed for Accountants, Distributors, Retailers, Manufacturers and Small Businesses. The software is built with all the added features needed to manage day to day accounting and invoicing smoothly. The software is developed with various features designed to save you time and for automatic payment reminders. We work on customer centric approach to provider our customer with a positive customer experience before and after the sale of the software to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Simple To Use -ico

Simple To Use

Simplest Billing/Advanced Accounting Software with intelligent MIS reports.

Multiple Report Generation-icon

Multiple Report Generation

Automatic Report Generation,and generate all types of GSTR reports.

Get Paid On Time-ico

Get Paid On Time

Recurring invoices and automatic payment reminders help you to track the money you receive, owe and are owed.

Safe & Secure-ico

Safe & Secure

All financial data is secured and protected by following industry-standard security protocols.

Home-Also with Gross Account

Also with Gross Account

Become GST compatible-ico

Become GST compatible

Do business accounting offline

Create, print share customized invoices-ico

Create, print/share customized invoices

Check on how your business is -ico

Check on how your business is performing

Manage all parties in one single place-ico

Manage all parties in one single place

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Manual bookkeeping processes is tedious, time consuming & error prone method. Use of accounting software increase accuracy by reducing or eliminating human errors.

Distributors & Retailers

Accounting software systems have built-in reporting modules that enable users to create reports on sales, purchase, stock management, inventory management.


Using accounting software helps SME to maintain and reduce costly bookkeeping. Also ensure that all of your business's financial details are in one place.

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