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What is accounting software?

Accounting software is a solution that assists bookkeepers, accountants, business owners to report and record all the financial transactions of businesses.

Our best accounting software manages all your finances records, GST compliant, & automated whole business workflow. Get the details of your business by tracking your sales, create, and send invoices.

Why is accounting software essential for businesses?

It is hard or complicated to manage all the financial details of your organization/business manually. Our accounting software helps business owners to simplify the accounting process. One can easily manage all the transaction billing details with our best accounting software.

By Implementing Accounting Software in Your Business — It improves accounting accuracy, saves time, low cost solution, improves decision making, reduces all the frustrations of tax billing, one can get all the transaction details reports.

Gross Account: Accounting Made Simple…

Gross Accounting Software is one of the best accounting software in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. This accounting software or GST billing software is easy to use and specially designed for accountants, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, and small businesses.

Our accounting software developed with the latest & advanced features. This accounting software helps you to manage the day to day accounting & invoicing smoothly. This software for accounting saves your time and gives you automatic payment reminders.

Our GST accounting software work on a customer-centric approach with a positive customer experience. Use our accounting software to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our billing software is easy to use; you don’t need any experts to use it.

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Manual book keeping processes is tedious, time consuming & error-prone method. Use our accounting software & increase accuracy by reducing or eliminating human errors.

Distributors & Retailers

Accounting software have built-in reporting modules that enable users to create reports on sales, purchase, stock management, inventory management.


Our accounting software helps SME to maintain and reduce costly book keeping. It also ensure that all of your business’s financial details at one place.

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