Different products with different variants are hard to manage, even if you have any software to manage them automatically. You need to add all the product details in your software or system to collect all your product data. Isn’t it!!? Don’t panic! Gross accounts always make their users happy with their needs.

Our accounting software provides you the latest feature of the Barcode & QR code facility. That means adding various product details becomes very easy.

One needs to scan a barcode or QR code once of the particular product. All the product details will save automatically in our software. With this facility, sales entry becomes faster. No need to add details again; it’s only a one-time scanning process.

One can also print packaging stickers as per their requirement. They can customize the size of packaging stickers. Our software supports standard as well as thermal printers to print your customized stickers.

One can easily manage all the stock with our stock management system. To get a free demo of our stock management software, contact us today!

Barcode & QR Code facility